The Toy Shop

Let me tell you about my home… The Toy Shop, it is a breathtaking place, all lit up for Christmas.

There is a puffing blue train and zooming radio controlled airplanes; a majestic sailing ship and sparkling big red and white rockets.

A spinning top and a jovial elf who play’s, “I spy,” with a green dinosaur;  whilst the Big Drum thumps out a merry tune, which the dolls to dance to.

Now let me tell you about the Sergeant and the tin soldiers.  The Sergeant, he’s a bossy chap, ridged and tall.  A Nut-cracker they call him, though he does not seem crazy to me!  He Bark’s out orders, marching the tin soldiers about in formation singing great songs.

Bouncing balls of many bright colors who, dash and bounce with Tigger the tiger, who is from Pooh corner.  I think Tigger bounces the most!  A flamboyant clown who frolics with Aloysius, the big bear from Brideshead Revisited.   Aloysius showed me how to use the internet; we looked up famous bears at a great web site called Minka’s Bear Passion, at .  Which bear do you like?