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Shout out to Rebecca a 9 Year Old Book Reviewer!  Posted on  KidzRockInc

“A Christmas Wish” has the quality of a Disney story with the essence of a classic adventure story. Looking to add some magic into your child’s life? Check out “Bilbo’s Adventures:  A Christmas Wish.”

Her Mom Ava explains…. “Rebecca who is nine always reviews my children’s products and she gave this story a thumbs up.

As a songwriter and book writer she said she loved the illustrations and the rhyming of the story.

She couldn’t wait to get to the end to see what happens .The story “tugs at my heart ” Rebecca said and ” I especially loved these 2 characters in the story” .”

Her Mom Ava said, “I was very excited when I was asked to review Bilbo’s Adventure, I knew it would be a fun read!

The vivid colors and captivating pictures of “A Christmas Wish” make it an instant family classic. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the underlying message is universal.

The beautifully drawn characters are immediately lovable and the descriptive and charming story is one that your child will want to read again and again. “A Christmas Wish” uses rhyming to make the story more fun and memorable for a child, which is quite reminiscent of the Dr. Seuss classics.  This incredible story includes descriptions such as,

“Suddenly the sled dropped like a tone, the wind howled,

Raging by as they plunged to the ground.

A thousand feet they fell,

They feel faster and farther, spellbound.”

These beautifully written words make it is easy to understand why children find this book enchanting. The words find a way to really land and relate to everyone because they are so elegantly written. Anyone can create a rhyme but “A Christmas Wish” took the concept of a rhyming story and adds a splash of creativity and a dash or genius to create something that will last for years to come.”

Peter & Cheri , Santa & The Little Teddy Bear and a Christmas Wish can be found @BilbosAdventure and on Amazon

“Thank you Doc Elvis for this weekly guest posting opportunity,so appreciate it!” -Ava

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