Bilbo’s first post

I’m Bilbo the Bear the main character of Peter Lucking’s book Santa & The Little Teddy Bear – October 2010 Release date. Visit my website to find out more about me and my adventures around the world on Christmas Night with Santa and the reindeer, the clown, Jack-in-the-Box and many more characters! We visit strange and wonderful places all the while discovering the meaning of Christmas and how celebrated around the world. Did you know it does not snow in Africa? We have to change into our safari gear. I will tell you the tale in the book. Have you ever seen an echidna? (pronounced /ɨˈkɪdnə/) Do you know where it comes from? Did you know that an echidna is one of the only mammals that lay eggs? Come back again for more discussion and let me know if you were able to answer my questions!