Reader Review!

Santa's Helper!
Santa's Helper!

Thank you Stella Bell!!

“Brilliant concept using traditional Christmas Carols and music as the bones of the story.

Delicious looking, Color and drawings/Fantasy & Disney inspired- Walt Disney would have loved this!

Lyrics on separate pages with writer and dates

Christmas Around the World with music of each Country

Subtle Messages of we ARE the same the World over!

  • Work to be done

  • Do not judge

  • Transcend to a Butterfly

  • Cherish your spirituality

  • Contribute compassionately

Love the rhythm of the prose it gallops & leaps like reindeer!

You have written a fabulous animated movie!  I would love to hear this read with actors taking the characters lines and narrator like “Harry Potter” this is not just a Children’s book!

The entire world of Christmas Celebrations – the history of each tradition woven into tale.

I did not see the inside of the book cover until I finished the book. This is a book with unlimited possibilities for merchandising the paintings and toys of Bilbo.”

I loved it!  ~ Stella Bell ~  Dancer/Actress