Passion for Cooking Keeps Husband Happy!

Ta Da!  Dinner is Served!!
Ta Da! Dinner is Served!!

I have a passion for cooking!  I love to cook.  It relaxes and centers me, helps me sort out challenges in our business and everyday life.  I fantasize about being a contestant on the Food Network Star, but I think would buckle under the pressure.  Therefore, I am my husband’s very own “The Next Food Network Star” in our kitchen in Colorado.

He appreciates my efforts and is very grateful.  He is always eager to taste what I have whipped up from one of my, “Food Network Favorites.”  I find myself in the kitchen cooking one meal, while watching the Food Network getting ideas to cook for the next meal.  Often, I will run down the hall to the office to print out the new recipe to add to my collection during the commercial so I can add notes and be ready to cook the next meal.   So many delicious recipes, so little time to produce these masterpieces.

I work on trying new recipes often! Listening to ideas sends me into a wonderful world of exploration.  I take some ideas from one recipe and add my own twist or combine with another.  Our friends think I should open my own catering business, or restaurant, but that seems like way too much work.

Cooking for my husband, Peter Lucking, children’s book author and illustrator, brings me great joy.   Peter has spent the last two-years totally dedicated to our children’s book project, writing and illustrating this gorgeous work of art.  I have been in charge of everything else.  I run the business and household!  I’m the CCO – Chief Cook Officer, CGO – Chief Grocery Officer, CHO – Chief Homemaker Officer and of course the CFO and CEO.   My favorite title is CCO – I love to try new recipes!

For years prior to watching the Food Network, I began creating my own cookbooks from magazines.  I have them all categorized and organized in giant notebooks.  I have amassed a huge collection of recipes dating back to the 1980’s.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day, or left over calories to squeeze in another recipe, but I do my best.

Today for instance, I took a page from the Food Network Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d’Arabian from her Pizza Al Fresco episode.  I broke this recipe up into two pieces.  Peter enjoyed the gorgeous Grilled Mushroom Pizza for breakfast and today I found myself making Melissa’s Antipasti Platter to go along side a grilled steak and asparagus for dinner tonight.

Peter and I are celebrating; he has officially finished all 22 illustrations for his first children’s book to release this October 2010!  I have never seen anyone work as hard and diligently as Peter does.  He can paint for hours on end, I mean hours.  6a- 6p Monday through Sunday has been his schedule for the last 8 months.

We thought we worked hard in corporate America!  Peter does what he loves, and I support him every step of the way.   Congratulations Peter!  We are almost there!

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Cheri Lucking is Peter’s wife.  Peter Lucking is the writer and illustrator of SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR.  A magical ride with Santa and the reindeer takes a teddy bear on a whirlwind adventure to become a special Christmas gift.

The book inspires families to sing, to dance, to explore other cultures and places and how they celebrate Christmas.

Peter had a successful career in the design for the arts culminating with, “The Ellie Caulkins Opera House” Cheri had a successful 25+ year career in sales and marketing in the Radio and TV industry here in Colorado.

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Cooking with passion is great fun and very rewarding.  I encourage anyone to try.  Once upon a time, I was afraid to cook; now there is nothing I will not try.  Cooking with your partner is a great way to come together after a long hard day.  Relax, be creative and find your passion for cooking!