My First Memories…..


Hi! My name is Bilbo, I’m The Little Teddy Bear in the new Christmas Story SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR.  I was born in Teddybärstein just south of Berlin in Germany.

I vaguely remember the whirr of a sewing machine, the vibrating, jolting, stifling darkness of a box.  Light, a jolly face thrust into mine “You will do just fine,” this strange looking creature said.  He turned out to be the shopkeeper!  He was old and wizened, with a graying beard and round glasses, a very kind man.

He put me in pride of place, atop the window display of Christmas wrappings ribbons and bows.  From this early age, I had a dream, a wish of being a special Christmas present.

What a strange world I saw through the window.  Lot’s of strange looking creatures of all colors and size, scurrying to and through in a whirlwind of fabric.  Jumping in and out of bright shinny things, they seemed to adore, cars they called them.  Can you imagine that!?!

They often shouted loudly into strange gizmos, called phones, which apparently was the way to communicate.  It keeps them connected, which seemed strange to me, as often the person they are texting, is standing by their side!

What strange things have you noticed people do?