Kirkland Museum

Cheri & Peter met with Hugh Grant – Director and Curator and Irene Rawlings – Public Relations and Marketing Director of the Kirkland Museum here in Denver, CO.  They have agreed to hang some of Peter’s original art from the book in the Gift Shop, plus host an autograph signing!  Thank you Hugh and Irene!!   Check out the Museum online:  Click here: KIRKLAND MUSEUM We are so excited it has been a fantastic week! We sent the book to the Local Author Coordinator of the Tattered Cover Book Store, cross your fingers. If you get a minute, call the Tattered Cover and ask for the book “SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR”  We need lots of exposure! Once people get this book in their hands they understand the value and joy of this Family Heirloom Gift Book! Order your autographed copy today!