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This how–to ebook, The Authors Guide to Amazon by Cheri and Peter John Lucking has helped thousands of would be authors, writers, illustrators and published Authors enhance their presence on Amazon.  By using this book with its simple to follow 16 steps, many have become bestsellers on Amazon within a week, created a “Successful Amazon book launch,” whilst saving thousands of dollars in professional marketing and social media costs – All in A Week!

Don’t waist time on a fancy $5000 – $10,000 website (like we did,) find out how you can inexpensively become a bestseller for just $4.97, by utilizing Amazon KDP and CreateSpace for your books.

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The Authors Guide To Amazon ~  Cheri and Peter John Lucking

This how-to ebook Has Helped Thousands of Authors Become Amazon Bestsellers in 16 easy to Follow Steps which will maximize your presence on Amazon and help your social media aid you in making  book sales, after all you deserve the recognition for your hard work.

  • Save Thousands of $ in Marketing Costs and wasted time.
  • Use this how-to guide to Amazon to successfully market your book!
  • 16 illustrated easy to follow steps with hyperlinks to sites to help you promote your book.
  • Techniques to optimize your author and book presence on Amazon.
  • Get your own Author page on Amazon, Author Central. You do not need a website.
  • What to do before your Book Launch to create a win-win opportunity.
  • How to do a, “Successful Book Launch.”
  • How to increase your Book Ranking.
  • Browse Paths and Amazon Search engine Optimization.
  • How-to methods to promote and market your book and ebooks on your FREE days on KDP kindle select and social media… And so much more! How to increase your Book Ranking
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From the Authors

“We wrote this book to help would be writers and illustrators in their quest to become best sellers and recognized published Authors.  We made all the expensive mistakes from, specialized websites, SEO – or lack-of, to a very expensive specialist Amazon book launch which did not work.  We spent a fortune without results! 

We would like to share our successful methods by paying-it-forward and helping you save your hard earned cash. Good luck and  success to you.” ~ Cheri and Peter John Lucking.