Digital Books are the Future! Future is here now! Parents, Authors and Illustrators find out why.

Digital books are the future and that future has arrived. Children are growing up surrounded by information and communication technology, (ICT). Toddlers want to play with cell phones and computers. They crave to interact with their parents on and with ICT technology. This is hardly surprising as they see us using this technology and want to emulate what we are doing.

It is time to embrace this trend and understand why this is a positive development. The Global Child Advocacy SIG of the The American Education Research Association. Sponsored a study into ICT, High-Tech Tots: Childhood in a Digital World (PB) (Research in Global Child Advocacy) [Paperback] Ilene R. Berson (Editor), Michael J. Berson (Editor) and has nothing but praise for this format.

ITC when used well stimulates and entices creativity, whilst challenging children to develop appropriate inquiry approaches that enhance the learning experience. Digital technologies allow children to expand their physical environment by accessing online social media that is interactive in a way that few hard cover books can be.

As we can see by this video, the opportunity for us to interact with our children is heightened. A bed-time story becomes an adventure in both the written word and sounds associated with the illustrations, for all ages. The book the child is enjoying the digital version of, Bilbo’s Adventures: A Christmas Wish! The soft cover version of the book targeted to 3-8 year olds; Caelan is 20 months! ! This technology expands the potential audience for the book to include toddlers. Now for us that is a big WOW!

Is the idea of interactive media new to books? No. A great example of an interactive board book for toddlers is THOMAS AND THE FREIGHT TRAIN, by Rev. W. Awdry with sounds. Full of zany illustrations and sounds that delight. The difference is that this books audience is limited to [Board-book, Baby -Preschool]. Soon as with all board-books it will end up neglected in a hidden place never to be seen again.

Electronic media can play a significant role in the lives of children as both entertainment and education. The technology is here to stay. Children’s books that optimize the full potential of the digital tools that enhance the experience of the young are the wave of the future.

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By Cheri & Peter John Lucking

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