My Feelings are Hungry

“My feelings are Hungry” is written in a happy go lucky rhyme that is fun to read.  The illustrations by Al Margolis are entertaining and will delight the inquisitive young mind.  There are hidden stories within the story and there is a lot to be found.  From the brilliant E-mobile to the Happy Café, Rebecca, Mushy and friends go on an emotional journey to “Feeling Town.”  Share your love for your children every day, do not take it for granted that they know how you feel; but most importantly do you real know how they feel?  Use this book to find out! This book will give hours of fun exploring emotions and helping both young and old identify feelings.

Find out and share how your kids are feeling in “Feeling Town.” It is a great game of emotions to play with your kids, do they need a hug or a kiss.  So they have the Grump-purty grumps! share their emotions, it is fun to play.  A book for all kids from 1-100

Ava Parnass is a member of the league of social-emotional champions!  Her books have earned a Kidlutions Preferred Product Award for Social Emotional Development She is the “Kid Whisperer.”


Amazon: My Feelings Are Hungry: From Adventures in Feeling Town with Mushy, the Magic Book by Ava Parnass Author Al Margolis Illustrator




Other great books by Ava include “Listen to Me Please!” Time-In Not Time-Out by Dr. Ron Taffel and Ava Parnas and Where Did My Good Mood Go? by Ava Parnass (2011)

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