The Tea Shop on the Town Square

Bilbo and a Cup of Tea

Across from the Toyshop, in plain view, Ye Old Tea Shop, sits.  It’s a bit higgledy, piggledy and quite posh.

There is a strange ritual, quite odd you see.  Every afternoon at 4 pm, gaily dressed ladies, in big fancy hats and gentlemen dressed to the hilt, gather chatting around tables with fine linen and lace.  They sip tea out of a pot in dainty cups and saucers with little finger held high.  Strawberries and cream, scones and biscuits.   Now here is the thing not just any tea, Darjeeling, and Earl Gray, but I don’t see how he gets in the pot!

Regular as clock-work, twice a day, an Old Gaffer, at least I think that is his name, comes hobbling, bent double from toil, walking stick in hand, hat perched high on his head.  He sits in the corner far from the maddening crowd and orders for breakfast, a bacon sarnie.  Ok there’s nothing unusual about that.  But, at exactly at 4.30 pm he is back, he orders, a chip butty, with a mug of tea!  How about that?  All very English if you ask me.

Then there is the Mad Hatter, that’s what I call him.  He strait out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, an odd eccentric fellow you see.  I have been reading the book it is a strange and wonderful tale.

Have you read the book or seen the movie, what did you think?

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