Pay-it-forward from the Heart to the Colorado Children’s Hospital

Manny years ago we experienced the special care that the Children’s hospital gives when Michael my son was flown on a flight for life from Evergreen.  The compassion and professionalism shown to our family as we waited for days,  counting the hours and prayed for  Michael, helped us get through this horrific ordeal.  I had time to reflect on and acknowledge how fortunate we are for family, friends, and the endless opportunities life provides.

Each year Cheri and I give back to charity’s by paying it forward.  Our special Christmas present to our selves is gifting books to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.  Now this may sound selfish but it makes us feel wonderful to have helped a child and family in their moment of need. 


People that effervesce happiness and kindness are magnetic, we want to be around them, they make us smile on a rainy day, laugh our worries away, their words of encouragement lift our heavy hearts.  The gift of joy they spread comes straight from the heart
Spread the Gift of Joy from Your Heart


We ask for nothing in return so imagine my surprise when Cheri told me that we had been honored and listed in the Members of Children’s Circle of Promise.  Wow, was I chuffed.  Being recognized is  an act that brings a smile and makes the gift of giving, even more special.

This year please consider giving a gift to this special institution.  Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation – Children’s Fund.  Make a family smile with hope and joy and get the special care the child needs.

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation – Children’s Fund
Colorado Children’s Hospital provides skilled and passionate care to thousands of children and teens every year

“The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.” ~ Helen Keller.


Read a book, Make a Difference Writers helping Others @
Cheri and Peter John Lucking Authors who Pay-it-forward

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