Living in America


Living in America I’m Thankful!

Every day when I wake up I say thank you God!    I give praise and thanks to God for another beautiful day, thank you for the trees, the plants, the flowers, the birds, mountains, the blue skies, for all the animals in the world, and for the people who have touched my heart.  I say a prayer for those in need or those who have lost their way.  I am truly blessed.

I am so thankful for the fact, for the most part, we are safe here in America and have so many things available to us.   We have access to clean water, electricity, food, shelter, the basics, the basics we sometimes take for granted.  Some countries are rationed water, electricity, and food, there isn’t enough to go around.  Some countries without electricity or water live in temperatures of 115+ degrees on a daily basis. Imagine that?   Many don’t have computers, and Ipods, and Ipads, Xboxes, TV’s and cell phones, the things American’s  seem to feel that can’t exist without.   Remember when we as children (1980’s and below) would go outside and make up games.  We’d stay out until the street lights came on.  We walked around our neighborhood waiting for the ice cream truck.  We’d go play tag or kickball in our neighbor’s front yard.  We’d leave our doors unlocked.  Our parents sent us outside to go ride our bikes, without a helmet and we’d ride right down the street.  Yes, we walked to and from school in blizzard’s!  We didn’t have instant taxi service from our parents.

Living in America, we do have freedom of speech,  the opportunity to create our own businesses, there are so many people in the world and right here in America that have a good heart, who are willing to help individuals succeed.  I’m working with a group of people that I met through social networking.  I found a company called Staropoly/TODHD that is the first monetized social network connected to celebrities.  This IS one of those companies that has a group of people that are truly compassionate about one another and are working together as a team to build ourselves a better future together.    Find out more what you can do to create a better America.  It starts with each one of us making a conscious decision to make a difference.  Please share some of your ideas with me!

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